Digital Technology is an emerging technology. With tremendous growth in IT, Media and Entertainment Industry, including Print Media Companies, Broadcast Media Companies, Studios, and Feature Film Processing Labs, Special Effects  Companies, Software Development Companies, Video Games Development Companies, R & D Organizations, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Metrological Department, Forensic Department, Defense & Security Organizations, there is a great demand for Digital Technology Professionals.


Office environments can be very informal and conducive to creative teamwork. However, pressing deadlines often mean long working hours for the Digital Technology professional. Many digital media professionals prefer the freedom and flexibility that freelancing offers.


Digital Technology Professionals do different types of job in different capacities in an organization. In Digital Age, every organization is going to employ at least one Digital Technology professional to do various jobs ranging from Designing, Capturing, Processing and Distributing Media.

Here is an illustrative but not exhaustive list of careers one can choose from after completion of the programs:

2D Animator, 2D Model Designer, 3D Animator, 3D Model Designer, Advertising Designer, Advertising Director, Art Director, Audio Mastering Technician, AV Specialist, AV Technician, Background Artist, Blue Frame Specialist, Character Designer, Compositor, Computer Aided Architectural Designer, Computer Aided Fashion Designer, Computer Aided Jewelry Designer, Concept Artist, Content Designer, Creative Artist, Creative Director, Cyber Media Investigator, Digital Artist, Digital Audio Technician, Digital Camera Man, Digital Illustrator, Digital Library Manager, Digital Media Analyst, Digital Media Support Executives, Digital Photographer


Digital Sets Specialists, Digital Sound Edit or, Digital Stills Expert, Digital Storyboard Designer, Digital Video Editor, Digital Video Production Specialist, Dubbing & Sound FX Specialist, Educational Program Designer, Environmental Artists, Frame Designers, Freelancer Media Designer, Front Page Designers, Game Designer, Graphic Designer, Graphical User Interface Specialist, In-between, Ink and Painters, Interactive Media & Multimedia Producer, Interactive Media Designer, Interactive Media Specialists, Interface Designer, Key frame Animators, Layout Artist, Media clean-up Technician, Media Delivery Engineer, Media  Director, Media Editor, Media Engineer, Media Illustrator, Media Instructor, Media Integrator, Media Network Engineer, Media Producer, Media Programmers, Media Specialist, Media Storage Technician, Media Support Technician, Media Systems Engineer, Mixed-Media Animator, Multimedia Trainer, Music Recording Technician, Musical Video Directors, Production/ Scheduling & Budgeting Professionals, Project Manager, Prototype Designer, Publishing Technician, Runners and Riggers, SFX Animator, Software Designer, Software Engineer, Stop-motion Animator, Storyboard Artists, Streaming Media Executives, Streaming Network Support Executives, Technical Consultant, Technical Director, Technical Writer, Video Mastering Technician, Visual Effects Engineers, Web Designer, Web Media Administrator, Web Media Manager, Webmaster, Website Designer and many more.


The salary for entry-level Digital Technology Professionals ranges from ₹3500.00 to ₹25000.00 per month in India and $35,000 to $60,000 in the USA. Digital Technology Professional with five or more years of experience in the industry can earn ₹100000.00 to ₹500000.00 in India and $50,000 to $100,000 in the USA

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