Institute of Digital Media Technology

Institute of Digital Media Technology, India [IDMT.IN] is the only Centre for “Skills to Build – Digital India” Programs. IDMT.IN  [#idmtin] was setup way back in 2004 as (CIN- U80302OR2004PTC007503) for providing 100% job oriented Digital Technology based education in Media, Marketing & Management. IDMT.IN’s [#idmtin] objective of making a paperless “Green India” was ahead of the Government of India and Government of Odisha’s initiatives “Digital India and Digital Odisha” Programs. Thus IDMT.IN  [#idmtin] strives for continuous development of student’s career using high-end digital technologies. IDMT.IN [#idmtin] brings global perspective to all its training programs. Global boundaries have vanished with advent of new technologies, merging people of diverse cultures, nationalities and age groups.

Knowledge is emerging as the most powerful platform to progress in this “boundary-less” world. Media, Marketing and Management are the most emerging and fastest growing industries in India. The whole world is now dependent on India for highly skilled manpower in all sectors.

To aid further growth of these industries, it is extremely important that formal and professional level job-oriented, industry-based training programs are introduced at all levels. Mainstream educational institutes and universities cannot conduct such programs with their limited and traditional resources to teach students Creativity, Imagination and Innovation.


IDMT.IN [#idmtin] is a Digital Media, Marketing and Management Education center for “Skills to Build Digital India Programs” with the objective of making an environment-friendly, green planet and creating employment opportunities for the new generation while retaining our value system and contributing to India’s development as knowledge economy at the forefront of emerging industries.


The mission of IDMT.IN [#idmtin] is to inspire, enable and empower every citizen to achieve their goals in life using Digital Technology.


IDMT.IN [#idmtin] core objectives are to promote less paper environment; to promote Green Office, School, Organization and Government Departments in order to protect our living planet and to promote Emerging Technology on Digital Technology to provide an answer to the growing unemployment problem in our country.


Past Achievements

IDMT.IN [#idmtin] is pioneer in introducing Animation in the State of Odisha, with the release of “Chatura Kau” the first animated short film in Odia. IDMT.IN [#idmtin] was producing Odisha’s first ever Animation Feature Film “Dharmapada” in Odia, Bengali, Hindi and English. Dharmapada was also the first commercial movie to be produced in Odisha for children. IDMT.IN’s [#idmtin] Dharmapada suppose to bridge the gap between the Odias and the globe.  With the release of Dharmapada, IDMT.IN [#idmtin] suppose to open a new chapter in the creative industry of Odisha and India at large. Due to serious financial difficulties the Dharmapada project was abandoned in 2012 after 6 years of hard work. Dharmapada was the first community funded animation feature film project in the world.

Apart from the feature film project, IDMT.IN [#idmtin] has worked on various short film projects: “Tumari Othara Hasatie – 1st Animated Geeti Chitra in Hindi & Odia “, “Hum Hai Hindustani – 1st Animated Patriotic Song in Hindi & Odia”, “Odisha Aamara Janama Bhuin – 1st Animated Patriotic Song in Odia” and various commercial advertisements in Odia, Hindi & English”.

IDMT.IN [#idmtin] is the only organization in the state to empower the youth with creative set of rules and skills.